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16 October 2014
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Ulster Scots

Transcript of clip:


LIAM: Drouth, aye, well drouth, I think the root of it now Jim is 'drought'.

JEANNIE: Thirsty.

LIAM: But there'd be three main ways I would have said: 'I have a terrible drouth' - I have a terrible thirst. Or if somebody was very fond of drink, that's strong drink I should say, er, 'oh he's an auld drouth'. An, er, if you were hanging clothes out tae dry there was a third meaning of it, ye said 'oh there's a great drouth the day', meaning there's a bit o wind an there's a wee bit o temperature. An drouthy, I'm very, I'm gey druthy. I'm gey drouthy the day.







Map showing Northern Ireland.

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