Science and The Body

Science can be used to help those with disabilities lead fuller lives, but it can also be used read and record our unique features as humans for use in a range of ways, and in the investigation of a crime.


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Forensic Science

A body has been discovered in an Irish peat bog – but how long has it been there? How did the person die and what was the likely murder weapon? To get the answers to these and other questions you must consult a team of scientists and get them to analyse the various pieces of evidence found at the scene – but time is running out, and you have only a set amount of tests before you must compile your final report. Can you unlock the secrets of the bog body?

Teachers' Notes

Teachers' Notes - Forensic Science

Secrets of the Bog Body is deliberately designed to be used in a classroom setting. We have created a set of lesson plans which teachers can use in conjunction with the game. Each contain interesting class-based activities and experiments. These and other resources are contained within the Teachers' Notes in a PDF document that you can download below.

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