Science and Protection

The manufacture of manmade fibres and materials through large scale chemical engineering has led to the creation of products which protect many from serious injury or death.


Body Protection

Wendy McCaughan used to work as a body armour designer, but her love of horses and the countryside inspired her to create a new type of product aimed at keeping the rider safe.

Teachers' Notes

Teachers' Notes - Body Protectors

In this clip, a clothing designer talks about how she was involved in designing military bullet proof vests and using the knowledge she gained in that specialist area she went on to design specialist protective clothing for horse riding.


Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)


  • Different materials used in modern clothing – which of these are synthetic/man-made?
  • Which materials are good at drying quickly – so don’t hold perspiration?
  • Do you ever wear any protective clothing? What for? What material is it made from?
  • Changing the surface of a material

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