Science and Flight

From Air Traffic Control to Aeronautics - learn about the use of science in the aviation industry.



Bombardier Aerospace is one of the largest manufacturing employers in Northern Ireland. In this clip, meet two young former apprentices who are now applying their knowledge of maths, physics and technology as stress engineers and learn about the move away from metallic aircraft components toward more durable, lightweight composites.

Teachers' Notes

Teachers' Notes - Aeronautics

An overview of the manufacturing processes and careers at Bombardier Aerospace.


Science (Physics & Chemistry) / Learning for Life and Work


  • Apprenticeships vs graduate schemes
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Composite materials
  • What are they? Advanced composites mentioned in video clip made from fibre and resin.
  • Aluminium and titanium alloys are light weight while giving the most strength and durability.
  • Discuss the advantages and uses of composite materials and alloys. Can pupils think of any other examples?

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