Science and Entertainment

Learn how science is used in the entertainment industry in Northern Ireland - whether it is filmmaking, musical performance, or the production of video games.


Virtual Worlds

Dark Water Studios based in County Londonderry specialise in creating games for the Xbox platform. Lead designer Sean McCafferty and technical manager Eric Reinhart reveal how knowledge of real-world physics, mathematics and computer science combine to build the virtual world of a computer game and create an exhilarating experience for their users.

Teachers' Notes

Teachers' Notes - Virtual Worlds

This video clip looks at the calculations involved in designing and developing computer games.


Maths / Learning for Life and Work / Science (Physics) / Technology & Design / ICT


  • Does watching this video clip give you a different view of the types of jobs that use maths?
  • What makes a good computer game? What are your current favourite games?
  • A lot of calculations involve forces and vectors. What do you already know about forces? About vectors? How could you find out more about them?

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