Science and Entertainment

Learn how science is used in the entertainment industry in Northern Ireland - whether it is filmmaking, musical performance, or the production of video games


Film Make Up

Pamela Smyth left school early and became involved in fashion in Northern Ireland. After enrolling on some science courses she began to learn about the principles of chemistry and biology which informed her work. This knowledge allowed her to progress in her job and led her from TV commercials to big budget dramas and Hollywood movies.

Teachers' Notes

Teachers' Notes - Pamela Smyth - Stage and Film make-up artist

Pamela Smyth describes how she uses science and chemistry in her work as a make-up artist and discusses the challenges of her job.


Science (Chemistry) / Learning for Life and work


  • Everyday chemicals around us. What everyday chemicals does Pamela have in her pack? Discuss the chemical names and common names for everyday substances such as vinegar, salt and washing soda. What different uses do they have in everyday life?
  • An extension to this discussion would be to look at the chemical formulae for these everyday chemicals – what information/similarities can be seen in their chemical formulae?
  • What chemicals/ingredients are in make-up? What are their effects? Look at the ingredients list for any make-up or toiletries that you may have. Do you recognise any of the ingredients? Have you come across them before in Science?

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