Science and Entertainment

Learn how science is used in the entertainment industry in Northern Ireland - whether it is filmmaking, musical performance, or the production of video games.


Film Special Effects

Nick Morton is an up and coming special effects technician who works in the Northern Ireland film industry. He studied the sciences at school and university, and had planned on becoming a teacher, however the chance to put his science knowledge into practice drew him to the world of big screen entertainment.

Teachers' Notes

Teachers' Notes - Film Special Effects Technician

In this clip, Nick Morton describes the challenges of his job as a special effects technician and shows how some of the effects are achieved.


Science (Chemistry)

  • Think of a programme or film that you have seen recently. What special effects were in it? How do you think that these were achieved?
  • Stunts are performed by specially trained stunt artists. How can their safety be enhanced using special effects?

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