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Suggested sites for you to visit with your child

Culture Club

The Culture Club website contains interactive dance routines and teaches children about different cultures through dance, food and quizzes.

The Hurley-Burley Man

The Hurley-Burley website contains interactive games for 3-5 year old children, including colouring-in fun and jigsaws. Children can watch animations from the Hurley-Burley television series and join in with the Hurley-Burley Man singing songs.

Na Dódaí

The "Na Dódaí" website accompanies two series of television programmes for 3-5 year olds learning the Irish language. The site contains keywords and the stories from the series, and complements the Northern Ireland Early Years Enriched Curriculum.

CBeebies Fun and Games

This page contains a wealth of fun and games for little ones. Grouped according to theme, children will love the brain-busters, music, art activities, stories, word play and the opportunity to meet some of their favourite television characters.

Healthy Lifestyle

This site, for 7-11 year olds, encourage children to develop positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle. The activities help children to understand the importance of food and exercise. Some elements within site may be suitable for younger children.

Offline Activities to Explore with your Child

This resource has lots of great ideas to keep little ones entertained and help them learn through play. Along with quick links to all the fun and games, this page has useful information about the developmental outcomes of each game.

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Advice for Grown-ups: You, Your Child and Technology

Child Development

A selection of features written by child psychologists and educational specialists, looking at how children learn and grow across the different areas of child development.

Switch Accessibility

This site introduces the idea of switch-accessible games. 'Switches' are specialised items of software which enable children, whose motor disabilities prevent them using a mouse, to access the computer.


The BBC's Parenting website covers all aspects of parenthood from preconception through to looking after your child, finding out about support available. There are useful tips on how to help your child play and learn.

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Other Sites:

Sites to help extend your child's learning experience

Sesame Workshop

The colourful Sesame website contains lots of interactive activities for you and your child. Encourage them to play games, send e-cards, hear and watch animated stories, or paint online with Elmo and friends.

Birds and Wildlife

This site for children who like birds and wildlife is full of fun and facts. Make-n-do activities include making a speedy bird-cake, and there are fun games, activities and competitions.

Nature Detectives

The Woodland Trust's Nature Detectives site contains downloads, games and activities for children of all ages. Children can have fun all year round as they 'do', 'find', 'create' and 'play' using the colourful resources online.

Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust

This website from the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust has a kids' zone packed with fun games and activities; and a Fact Files section offering information and resource links on wetlands, wildlife, ecology and sustainability.

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Northern Ireland Curriculum related links:

Foundation Stage Learning in Northern Ireland

CCEA - the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment, advises local government on what should be taught in Northern Ireland's schools and colleges. This page contains useful links for parents.

Revised Northern Ireland Curriculum

This site contains the latest news on the revised NI Curriculum at Foundation Stage, including areas of learning, assessment and reporting and Irish Medium education at Foundation Stage.

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Sesame Workshop

This website offers advice on various parenting issues, as well as suggestions for activities to try with your children. The 'Sesame Solutions' section has smart strategies and collaborative fun for parents and kids.

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