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Leaf Litter (Download PDF)

Provides the learner with an awareness of a tree as being a 'home' to a rich ecosystem of many plants, animals and organisms co-existing in an interdependent natural community.

Level 1 - invites the learner to help 'Hilda' investigate the 'World of Hidden Minibeasts' that can be found at the base of the Sesame Tree.

Level 2 - builds on previous activity by encouraging the child to find and 'Count the Minibeasts' - number ranges:1-5 and 6-10.


The activity is designed to cater for children with limited mouse skills. This activity offers a Switch option for 'Switch Users'.

Curriculum Relevance:

  • Similarities and differences between community groups


  • Observation
  • IT: simple mouse rollover manipulation
  • Literacy (new vocabulary)
  • Thinking skills
  • Numeracy: Number

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