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20 February 2015
Write Away Again

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Write Away Again
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Programme 2: Practice Making Perfect, 25th September

SELB code: RF 0322 Although the series has finished, programmes are still available to borrow or purchase from the Audio Visual Recording service at SELB. Just quote the SELB number in your correspondence with the unit.

This programme is a follow-on from the first programme in the series. Leon McAuley, having established the idea of audience and audience preferences, discusses with the P5 pupils of Mallusk Primary School their work on writing fairy stories for their P1 and P2 classes. Click to Print PDF Worksheets
  • Pupils from P4 and 5 in Mallusk P.S. and Legamaddy P. S. talk about what kind of stories they like to read.
  • The class presents the completed story, 'Twinkletoes Terrific Tooth', performed with sound effects.
  • Two P2 pupils give their reaction and considered feedback on what they heard.
  • The P5 authors discuss what they gained from the exercise and talk about writing they may undertake in the future.
Before The Programme:
  • Recall the task P5 set themselves in the first programme.
  • Inform the class their reaction to today's story will be sought.
  • Familiarise the class with the keywords which occur in the programme.
After The Programme:
  • Discuss the story with the pupils. Gather reaction and seek justification for assertions made.
  • Examine the P2 audience responses.
  • If your class has begun a project on writing for another class, could you tape it to perform for that class? Would you add sound effects, different voices, music etc?
  • What would be the best method for your class story/stories to be presented to their selected audience; book form, on computer, a live reading, a video taped reading etc?
  • Help the class explore different ways we 'tell' stories, e.g. orally, in narrative poetry, novels, films, cartoons, drama on stage, 'soaps', comics etc.
  • What does your class think of the Ten Top Tips?

P5/6 Mallusk Primary School's Ten Top Tips for writing Really Brill Fairytale Stories for Young Children

  1. Have repetition.
  2. Have an interesting beginning, end and title.
  3. Have good and bad characters.
  4. A writing buddy is helpful and useful in all the stages of writing.
  5. Always plan your work.
  6. Write a first draft to sort your ideas out.
  7. Read aloud through your work.
  8. Make changes in your second draft.
  9. Have lots of colourful pictures and type it up on the computer for effect.
  10. Use simple language and big writing.
  • Worksheet 4: Review Twinkletoes story.
  • Worksheet 5: Hunt for stories.

Twinkletoes Terrific Tooth
p5/6 Mallusk Primary School

Long, long ago when the stars shone bright and fairies flew through the night, our story begins. It was winter's eve and the annual tooth fairy ball was taking place that very night. Twinkletoes was feeling rather cross.Twinkletoes Image

All the other fairies were busy cleaning and polishing their teeth in preparation for the 'Terrific Toothacular Tooth competition'. Twinkletoes had no tooth to enter because all she had collected that week was one small, black, rotten tooth. What was she going to do?

Twinkletoes thought there was only one thing for it and that was to fix it up. She tried to scrub it with a big toothbrush and extra fresh clean toothpaste. She tried to use some fairy magic on the tooth but it didn't work. "What am I going to do? Nothing can fix a rotten tooth," said Twinkletoes. She tried to clean it up with some white paint. What a good idea thought Twinkletoes… but it didn't work. The paint just ran off the tooth and made a big puddle on the floor.

Twinkletoes ImageShe tried to use some fairy magic on the tooth but it didn't work. "What am I going to do, nothing can fix a rotten tooth," said Twinkletoes. She knew that she would now need to go and visit the chief fairy, Bigwings, for help.

The chief fairy was very surprised to hear that Twinkletoes had no tooth for the annual competition. Chief Bigwings said there was nothing he could do to help since the competition was only two hours away.

Twinkletoes was cross. "I wish children would look after their teeth more," she scolded. "If only the little children would eat more fruit instead of all the chocolate and sweets they guzzle. How am I supposed to get a gleaming tooth if all they eat are Fizzbangers and Popchocs and strawberry creams and orange delights and doubly dreaming screamy marshmallow bars!"

Twinkletoes, in a very cross mood, walked home and from her bedroom window she watched all the other fairies take their gleaming teeth to the ball. Suddenly she felt a sneeze coming on and we all know what that means! Well, when a fairy sneezes it means that there is a tooth to be collected somewhere. This was her last hope for the competition. "Hurry up Twinkletoes!"

Soon she arrived at the little girl's house. She put her fairy map away and crept in the window. The little girl was fast asleep as Twinkletoes slowly and gently lifted up her pillow and what did she find…..A BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY TOOTH! Twinkletoes was delighted and she quickly flew back to Bluebell Forest.Twinkletoes Image

She arrived at the ball just as the winner of the competition was about to be announced. "Wait," shouted Twinkletoes. "I have a tooth, I have a tooth, a lovely, shiny and gleaming tooth!" Henry Hedgehog who was the important judge, inspected the tooth brought in by Twinkletoes.. The whole room was as quiet as a mouse Then Henry Hedgehog said, "The winner is…..TWINKLETOES!"

Everyone clapped because Twinkletoes had never won a prize before. Hooray for Twinkletoes! Hip Hip Hooray!

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