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20 February 2015
It's Up to You!

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It's Up to You
Grainne McMacken
Senior Community
Dietician, North West
Belfast Health &
Social Services
Image of Grainne McMacken
  Fats & Sugars
There are a number of foods that we do need to be careful with, the main ones would be foods that are high in fat and foods that are high in sugar. We’ll start off with fat first. The reason why we are told to eat less fat is because fat is linked with heart disease and with obesity. A lot of people are becoming over weight and many people suffer from heart problems in Northern Ireland. One of the main links is the amount and type of fat we eat so it’s a good idea to eat less fatty foods. They would include things like butter, margarine, some forms of cooking fat all cooking oils, things like fresh cream. There are also a lot of hidden fats and they would be in things like sausage rolls, pies, things that are covered in pastry and are made from pastry, also things like chocolate as well. Sugar, in fact we can actually do without any sugar at all, although it makes things taste much nicer. Sugar can cause a lot of problems with tooth decay and therefore we would advise people to eat as little sugar as possible.
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