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20 February 2015
It's Up to You!

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It's Up to You
Grainne McMacken
Senior Community
Dietician, North West
Belfast Health &
Social Services
Image of Grainne McMacken
Exercise is vital for our body. It’s important to keep our body fit and healthy, it’s important to keep our weight under control and prevent us from becoming too fat. It is also important in the prevention of certain diseases particularly heart disease and other diseases like osteoporosis which is brittle bone disease, being physically active can help protect us against those.

It is thought that for children, children should be taking about an hour’s exercise everyday and that doesn’t mean you have to play a sport. It can be something as simple as cycling, swimming, it could be skipping, it could be playing football with your friends or playing ball games any of those would be considered to be activity that would be beneficial to health. If you don’t take an hour’s activity per day at the moment you could start off by taking half an hour.
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