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20 February 2015
It's Up to You!

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It's Up to You
Did you Know?
That breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If we skip breakfast we will miss out on important vitamins and minerals.
Carbohydrates contain lots of fibre which helps the body get rid of waste products.
Fact File 1 - Carbohydrates

Examples of food containing carbohydrates:
Image of different foodsPotatoes
Listen to Maxine’s interview with Senior Community Dietician, Grainne McMacken - North West Belfast Health & Social Services.
How do carbohydrates help the body?

Carbohydrates help fuel the body by providing energy. When we exert the body with activities such as riding a bike, running or playing sport the body uses up large amounts of energy. We have to make sure we balance the energy that goes out, with food and water that comes into the body. We can replace lost energy by eating foods rich in carbohydrates and drinking plenty of water.
You can increase your carbohydrates by:
  • always having a breakfast
  • having thick sliced toast like whole grain bread
  • eating brown rice or pasta
  • having boiled potatoes rather than chips which are cooked in fats
Image of the food balance scales Fact File - Vitamins
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