Top Teeth

Teacher's notes

Top Teeth aims to heighten awareness of dental health for children in Northern Ireland. It is aimed at 7 - 9 year olds and promotes healthy teeth. The interactive games and activities offered on the site will give children an opportunity to learn about dental hygiene, diet for healthy teeth, teeth structure and the names of the different types of teeth.

Suggested learning outcomes;

Printable activities;

These activities aim to fulfil the following suggested learning outcomes:

Children will be able to:


  • identify different teeth
  • name the structure of the tooth

Management skills

  • classify foods as healthy or unhealthy for teeth
  • make informed choices about the food they eat


  • understand the importance of cleaning teeth
  • see the effect of sugar on teeth which can lead to decay

Links with the Northern Ireland Curriculum

  • PDMU: having an understanding of dental hygiene and how our eating habits and cleaning routines have an impact on our teeth
  • Thinking skills: the ability to make choices and the consequences of those choices.
  • History: World War II

Full set of 32 teeth

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