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Recycle Art

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What do you do with your old toothbrush when you get a new one?
Recycle it into a paintbrush? Use it to polish boots? We could re use it to clean the crevices, nooks and crannies. Can you think of any other uses?

Experiment with your old toothbrush and explore all the patterns and textures you can make using your old toothbrush to create art work. Use the squares to try out different shapes and patterns as a tester:

Recycle Art - Squares

Explore patterns and textures; draw your own picture or start out with example below. There are sheep heads and legs in the foreground. Use your tooth brush to add woolly bits. Try some hills for the background. Add in trees and experiment with different textures to create leaves and grass.

Recycle Art - Textures and Patterns

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