Top Teeth

Paper Game

Download Paper Game PDF

Try out the "Fang fairy" paper game with your friends.

Paper Game


  1. Cut out carefully. If you don’t have a safety scissors ask a grown up to help.
  2. Fold along each diagonal.
  3. Open out, with picture facing down. Fold each corner into the centre.
  4. Turn the square over and fold all four corners into the centre.
  5. Fold the square in half both ways.
  6. Open out the flaps inserting fingers and thumbs into each compartment.
  7. To play ask a friend to choose one of the following; Fang fairy, Gobble gobble, Keith the Teeth or Zap the Plaque. Snap in and out until you have spelt out the name.
  8. Open the snapper and ask them to pick a picture, snap in and out and spell out the word.
  9. Ask them to pick another and open that flap to ask the question.

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