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Investigation 1: Egg and fluoride toothpaste

Aim: See how fluoride toothpaste can make teeth strong

Investigation 1 - Equipment

You will need: Fluoride toothpaste, an egg, a marker, glass of vinegar, an egg cup


  • Investigation 1 - Step 1
    Draw a line around the middle of the egg with a felt tip pen.
  • Investigation 1 - Step 2
    Squeeze some fluoride tooth paste into an egg cup and place an egg in the egg cup for a few days.
  • Investigation 1 - Step 3
    After a few days place the whole egg into a glass of vinegar.

In a few seconds see what happens and record the results!


Discuss what do you think fluoride toothpaste does for your teeth?

Investigation 2: Fizzy drink and an old coin

Aim: to see how the fizzy drink eats away at the coin.

Investigation 2 - Equipment

You will need: An old coin, a glass of fizzy drink.


  • Investigation 2 - Step 1
    Pour fizzy drink into a glass.
  • Investigation 2 - Step 2
    Place the coin into the glass of fizzy drink.

In a few minutes see what happens and record the results!


Discuss what do you think fizzy drinks do to your teeth?

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