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Look at the lyrics to the Keith the Teeth song and the Nasty bacteria song.

Try making you own music.

Music for the Keith the Teeth Song

Keith the Teeth Song

Verse 1
Keith likes to brush his teeth
To brush his teeth and gums
He likes the feeling of fresh breath
To rub his teeth with his tongue

I like to brush, brush, brush
Round and round, brush, brush
My teeth and gums, brush, brush
I like to brush my teeth

Verse 2
Keith likes to brush his teeth
Brushing at least twice a day
Last thing at night and in the morning
To keep nasty bacteria away


Verse 3
Keith likes to brush his teeth
With a pea size piece of paste,
Three minutes is what you need
Don’t brush in too much haste!

Nasty bacteria song

We are the nasty bacteria (hee, hee, hee)
Living in between your teeth (newaahh)
When you eat sweet things, we multiply with sugar
And create acid that’s not nice for your teeth

Our ultimate aim is to cause pain
We dig black holes and boogie woogie to your screams
Boogie woogie we are bad, bad bacteria (nwaahh haaah)
We multiply to cause pain and strife
We are nasty things in your life
You have to clean to keep us out!

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