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20 February 2015
BBC Northern Ireland Schools - Step It Out

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BBC NI Schools
- ages 4-11

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Structure of the lessons, preparation and follow-up

Each lesson will consist of four sections.

  1. Warm up.
  2. Learning and trying out 3 or 4 movement sequences - the 'steps' of the dance.
  3. Putting the sequences together - 'the dance'.
  4. Cooling down.
Before the lesson
  • Arrange to tape record the programme. This is essential to enable the programme to be stopped at various points for practice, a change of grouping or further explanation.
  • Clear as much free space as possible. If there is not a PE hall available, it should still be possible to carry out most of the sequences. If space is very limited, the class could be divided into groups. Point out 'dangerous' areas of the room to be avoided (objects protruding, doors, stacked chairs, other people's property, the tape machine).
  • Encourage the use of as much space as is safely available. Don't bunch together in one area.
  • Bare feet are ideal - not slippy socks. (Dress as for PE)
  • Each programme starts with a warm-up but a brief movement session in advance of the broadcast would be beneficial - e.g. jogging on the spot, bending and stretching.
  • Some of the programmes require the class to be divided into 2s or 4s. In order to save time, please practise this in advance. (All the programmes however, begin with individual warm-ups.)
  • In the early stages of using this series, some teachers may find it useful to replay the programme to the pupils in the classroom before participating actively.
During the lesson
  • Be responsive and participate where possible - the teacher's reaction to the broadcast is crucial.
  • Be prepared to stop the tape when requested by the presenter to practise or re-group.
  • Re-enforce the presenter's instructions.
  • Make sure the tape is at the correct volume and the children can hear the instructions from all parts of the hall. The programmes move fast!
  • Stop the tape and rewind if further practice is required to complete a sequence of movements.
After the lesson
  • Ideas for follow-up activities are provided at the end of the notes for each programme. These include cross subject links to English, History, Geography, Science, Maths and Music.

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