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16 October 2014

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Synopsis of the Scenes

Scene 1 - Suburban Back Garden:
Twins Charlie and Eddy are having a sleepover in their garden with friends Allie and Chris. They are determined to stay up all night as it's mid summer's night but Charlie and Eddy's grandparents want them to go to sleep. As the children try to convince the adults that it's ok to stay up, leaves and plants start to rustle and creatures of the night come alive.

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Scene 2:
A silver baton starts to fall out of sky and a space conductor follows. All the planets are awry and crashing into each other. The Planets start to chant a refrain. The Space Conductor must get the planets back in order immediately.

Print out Scene 2 (.doc file)

Scene 3 - Suburban Back Garden:
Chris picks up the baton. Not knowing what it is, he starts to wave it. Music starts floating across the air and lift up the children. Allie grabs the baton from Chris and waves it furiously. Suddenly there is a huge crescendo and the children fall to the ground. The Space Conductor appears and tells them that the baton is his and he needs it back to realign all the planets. The children don't want to give it back so the Space Conductor shows them what to do with it.

They run to tell Nan and granddad but find them frozen on the spot. The Space Conductor tells them that time has slipped out of joint and he needs to amend it to get Nan and Granddad back to normal. Suddenly thunder and lightening starts and all the planets start to move. The Space Conductor begs the children for the baton but they won't listen. They just push him to the ground and try to find their own way to wake up Nan and Grandad.

Print out Scene 3 (.doc file)

Scene 4 - Space Conductor In The Garden Under A Lonely Sky:
The Space Conductor is left all alone in the garden. The night creatures creep back out of the bushes and trees and the planets are completely out of sync. Suddenly all the planets collide and there is a huge thunder and lightening storm. Eddy and Chris start to get worried and tell Chris to give back the baton. But he won't. Eddy grabs the baton from Charlie and they pull it between them until it snaps in two. The thunder storm gets worse and reaches a crescendo. Suddenly there is a dead calm. When they all look up at the sky, the planets have ground to a halt. The children want the Space Conductor to do something but he explains that the Old Conductor only taught him to carry on the tune, not start it from the beginning. Charlie suggests that they make up a new song. They all start to sing.

Print out Scene 4 (.doc file)

Scene 5 - The music and dance of the spheres:
The Space Conductor starts to conduct the children with a stick from the garden and slowly the planets start to revolve. They are all delighted with themselves and the Space Conductor tells them that he must go back to space. The children are all disappointed that he has to leave and ask him what's he going to do for a baton. The night creatures appear and tell him that they fixed it with some slime and earwax. The Space Conductor then waves the baton and the air fills with music. Suddenly Nan and Grandad appear and the Space Conductor disappears back up to the sky.

Print out Scene 5 (.doc file)


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