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20 February 2015

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The Sleepover Planet is designed to help support the Northern Ireland Music Curriculum for Key Stage 2 (9-11 year olds). The resource helps pupils to learn to sing and listen to different styles of music. Pupils and teachers will be able to view, print, transpose and save the scores of each song. All instrument parts are provided for the children to read the music and play along.

The resource also includes many opportunities for children to manage information, work with others, be creative, solve problems, make decisions and self manage.

Making full use of traditional and electronic sources, ‘The Sleepover Planet’ can offer pupils at Key Stage 2 within the Northern Ireland Curriculum worthwhile experiences that enable them to make sense of the world by engaging with and exploring issues creatively through the use of Drama.

Pupils will have the opportunity to develop dramatic skills appropriate to a theatrical audience. They will do so by exploring voice, movement, gesture and facial expression through exploration of a specific role, and by structuring dramatic activity to make meaning clear for an audience.

‘The Sleepover Planet’ provides opportunities for pupils to develop and demonstrate the skill of communication through talking, listening, reading and writing which will feed back into their learning experiences across the curriculum.

Pupils’ personal and interpersonal skills may be enhanced by the fostering of their self-esteem and self-confidence, as pupils and teachers work collaboratively to create an experience that will be shared by their local learning community.




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