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20 February 2015

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Your Space Conductor can be young or old so here are a few ideas on how your Space Conductor could look:

• Suit could be made from silver material obtained from specialist fabric shops
• Rubber playground quoits sewn onto the top of the suit to go around the arms
• Plastic curly tubing which comes from the "back-pack" box to the "chest piece". Could be plastic piping used to tidy leads away from your TV and HIFI.
• The centre of the cardboard 'chest piece' could be a coffee jar lid
• Gardening gloves
• All items like gloves, boots, quoits, could be sprayed silver
• Silver tinsel wig


An older Space ConductorHere is another idea for an older Space Conductor:
• Long grey straggly wig
• Wizard type robe from a fancy dress shop with appliquéd stars
• Long white beard
• False hooked nose
• The same box and tubing as the first conductor idea










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