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20 February 2015

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Depth: Most school stages are not very deep from back to front so it's important to increase the feeling of depth in the backcloth by including distant mist and degraded colours. When painting a room interior you should always include a "way out" - a door, window, arch, or a hole to avoid claustrophobia.

Back Cloth for Scene 1

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Foreground: Use strong warm colours in the foreground. Try to have at least one foreground feature which is life-size, so actors standing beside it look correct and there is a natural lead-in to the backcloth. (In this case the house on the right and the steps/tree on the left). For this particular musical, the artist has designed the enclosed garden to be a "stage within a stage".

Model of scene 1

Overlaps: Overlaps increases the feeling of depth. The right-hand house is in front of a barrel which in turn is in front of a wall; in front of bush and in front of 'house two'.

A frame: In this frame the action takes place in the garden. The artist wanted to give the feeling of being in a separate private spot away from the rest of the town, yet overlooking it. Therefore, the 'sleepover' area is strong in foreground colour and detail, bounded by the apple tree, steps, fence and 'house one'.

Mystery: The steps on the left and the gate on the right are there to hint at other places 'out there'. It also stops the sleepover area becoming claustrophobic.

Silhouettes: The sky is going to play a big part in this musical so it's a good idea to add interesting silhouettes. the drain pipes on the right hand house and the ornamentation on the roof ridge.

Composition: In order to break up that long horizontal fence, put in the fir tree as a vertical.

TreesLEFT HAND WING - "Trees":
You can safely put in patches of sky in a tree wing and other elements. Also, a good tip is to make the trunks of these trees wider on the wing than that on the backcloth as this will make the stage look deeper.



TreesRIGHT HAND WING - "Ivy Wall":
You should also make the quoins slightly larger
than those on the backcloth.

















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