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20 February 2015
Radio 321

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The fifth programme provides a focus for time and money.

Broadcast date: 17 October 2006

SEELB code: RO 0103- Although this series has finished, programmes are still available to borrow or purchase from the Audio Visual Recording service at SELB. Just quote this SELB number in your correspondence with the unit.

Story outline: In today's programme, Rhoda makes her way to the airport to head off on a holiday to London. She discovers that going on holiday involves mathematics. Rhoda is surrounded by both time and money calculations. She phones Dylan who invites the listeners to help Rhoda solve the problems. Will Rhoda catch the plane to London and does she have enough money?
Key Stage 1: Measures, Number Pupils should have opportunities to:- recognise times on the clock face, progressing to half hour and quarter hours; understand the conventional way of recording money; work with money up to £10; use these skills in problem solving situations.

Key Stage 2: Measures, Number Pupils should have opportunities to:- use the four operations to solve problems, e.g. money; understand the relationship between the 12 and 24 hour clocks; use time tables involving the 24 hour clock and perform simple calculations related to the timetables.

Learning outcomes:
  • Pupils will know the relationship between units of time.
  • Pupils will calculate the passage of time.
  • Pupils will interpret the 24 hour clock.
  • Pupils will calculate the answers to money problems involving the four operations.
Teachers may wish to consolidate the learning outcomes by asking the pupils to draw up a bus timetable to help Rhoda get to the airport. Discuss what it might look like if a bus departs every half hour and if the journey to the airport takes thirty minutes.

Money for the Bus

Rhoda has only one of each of these coins:-
1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p.

The ticket machine does not give out change. Can the children investigate the different tickets that can be purchased? Discuss if there is a systematic way of working out the different combinations of coins.

Points for Pupils to Ponder:

If you slept in, how quickly can you get up, get washed and dressed, have breakfast, comb your hair and grab your school bag ready for school?
Click on the links below for worksheets:

Worksheet 1: Rhoda Rushes to the Airport

Worksheet 2: Rhoda's calender for March 1999

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