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17 April 2014
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BBC NI Schools - Primary Irish - Blaisín - Radio KS1/2

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BBC Radio Ulster MW 1341

PROGRAMME 4: SELB number: RM 0739
3 February 2009 11.40 am

Birds, Bugs and Beasts

As Blaisín comes face to face with the sly Madadh Rua (fox), she may be in danger of being entrapped in his clutches. Luckily, help is at hand from her friends, Charlie and Ceann Cait, the long-eared owl.

Meanwhile, the buzz and excitement in the woodland is palpable as Queen Bee plays host to all the bugs, birds and beasts at the annual Forest Olympics. This is certainly a relief for our tiny four-legged friend, Luchóg the mouse, who may otherwise prove a tasty morsel for a variety of the competitors.

Blaisín and Charlie are astounded by the amazing abilities of the various competitors, hare, ladybird and cat to name but a few. Butterfly's engrossing commentary of the events helps the children to add to their store of phrases in Irish.

Teachers' Resources

General Notes on teaching Irish - PDF (34kb)

TEACHERS' NOTES (Programme 4) - PDF (145kb)

WORKSHEET 1a: What can you do? - PDF (138kb)

WORKSHEET 1b: What can you do? - PDF (136kb)

WORKSHEET 2: The Forest Olympics Quiz- PDF (117kb)

Key Words

Sicín - chicken; madadh rua - fox, luchóg - mouse, beach - bee; coinín - rabbit, seilide - snail; giorria - hare; bóín dé - ladybird (lit. God's little cow); ciaróg - beetle; feileacán - butterfly; damhan alla - spider; sciatháin - wings or arms; ag eitilt - flying; ruball - tail; mil - honey

Cá bhfuil sé? - Where is it? Cá bhfuil an sicín? - Where is the chicken? Cad é mar atá sibh? - How are you (plural)? Cad é seo? - What is this? Cad é sin? - What is that? Seachain an madadh rua! - Beware/Mind the fox! Tabhair dom - Give me; Cuidigh liom! - Help me! Fáilte! - Welcome! Go n-éirí leat! - Good luck! (may you succeed) Comhghairdeas - Congratulations

Is maith liom - I like; Is maith liom léim - I like to jump; snámh - to swim; rith - to run; go gasta - quickly; fosta - too/also/as well
Tá an cat ag rith go gasta - the cat is running quickly; Tá na beacha ag eitilt go gasta fosta - the bees are flying quickly too

an choill - the forest; sa choill/ins an choill - in the forest; cairde - friends

cosa - legs; cluasa - ears; lámha - arms/hands; srón - nose; mo chosa - my legs; mo chluasa - my ears; Mo lámha - my arms/hands; mo shrón - my nose; fada - long; cosa fada - long legs; géar - sharp/keen;
Tá srón ghéar agam - I have a keen nose; Tá ruball fada agam - I have a long tail

Olympics, vixen, queen bee, ceremony, introduction, mammals, scientific experiment


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