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20 February 2015
BBC NI Schools - Primary Irish - Blaisín - Radio KS1/2

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BBC Radio Ulster MW 1341

PROGRAMME 2: SELB number: RM 0737
20 January 2009 11.40 am

Houses and Homes

Blaisín and Charlie accidentally summon the mystic owl in the middle of an ice-hockey stadium when one of them utters an Irish word they learned last week. Can you spot it? Owl, or Ceann Cait as he's called, sweeps them off on more adventures. In the North Pole, he shows them some real ice, as opposed to the man-made stuff.

The children are introduced to the snowy owl and learn about her habitat and eating habits and those of other Arctic animals. Throughout the programme, Blaisín and Charlie have opportunities to use the Irish they learned last week and pick up a few new phrases.

They take a peek at a local Irish language school and learn to introduce themselves. Blaisín even discovers that her surname, McElroy actually means something in Irish! There's plenty of spree along the way and the class will love the funky rap at the end that consolidates the new language acquired during the programme.

Teachers' Resources

General Notes on teaching Irish - PDF (34kb)

TEACHERS' NOTES (Programme 2) - PDF (143kb)

WORKSHEET 1: About Setanta/Cú Chulainn - PDF (58kb)

WORKSHEET 2: Give Your House a Name - PDF (62kb)

WORKSHEET 3: Snowy Owl - PDF (40kb)

Key Words

Ceann Cait - long eared owl (lit. head of cat); Madadh Rua - fox (lit. red-coated dog); Sneachta Bán - Snow White; Béar Bán - polar bear (lit. white bear); Gaelscoil - Irish language school; Dia duit - Hello (lit. God be with you); Dia 's Muire duit - Hello (reply to Dia duit; lit. God and Mary be with you); Cé thusa? - Who are you?; Is mise - I am; Cad é mar atá tú - How are you?; Tá brón orm - I'm sorry; galánta - beautiful; nead - nest; teach - house

Arctic Circle; North Pole; tundra; natural; man-made; invitation; lemmings; snow blizzard


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