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20 February 2015
BBC NI Schools - Primary Irish - Blaisín - Radio KS1/2

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About the series
These radio programmes on BBC Radio Ulster MW 1341, are aimed at pupils aged 7-11 in English language schools, introduce them to important phrases in Irish. The adventures of Blaisín support language learning in a fluid way. Online teachers' notes are available with creative ideas for curricular activities.

Who is Blaísin?
Blaisín receives an e-mail greeting from her globe-trotting parents on her 10th birthday but three strange words have her stumped. A worn-out whistle from her grandmother proves an unimpressive gift but the ancient 'feadóg' reveals an amazing secret - a magic owl who speaks Irish, helping Blaisín and Charlie, unravel the meanings of new words.


Although this series has finished, you can still search for programme information, teacher notes and worksheets in the site. Programmes are still available to borrow or purchase from the Audio Visual Recording service at SELB. Just quote the SELB number that can be found below or on the programme page in your correspondence with the unit.

1. Let's Celebrate - SELB number: RM 0736
Blaisín discovers the meaning of a strange birthday greeting with the help of a magic 'know it owl'.
Resources for teachers >>

2. Houses and Homes - SELB number: RM 0737
Blaisín visits the snowy owl in her natural habitat and learns introductions and more about her surname.
Resources for teachers >>

3. Safe and Sound/Whatever the Weather
- SELB number: RM 0738
A milkshake causes trouble for Blaisín and friends and they end up becoming trapped in her computer. Is Charlie's Irish good enough to save them?
Resources for teachers >>

4. Birds, Bugs and Beasts - SELB number: RM 0739
Join the fun and spree of the forest games as Blaisín meets the owl’s wacky animal friends and adds to her store of words and phrases in Irish.

Resources for teachers >>

5. School's Cool - SELB number: RM 0740
Blaisín and Charlie like to spend their time with their unusual friend, Ceann Cait (the long eared owl) but unfortunately they have projects to do for school. Charlie's task is based on the ancient Egyptians and Blaisín's project on the ancient Celts.

Resources for teachers >>

6. Myths and Legends - SELB number: RM 0741
Gran is telling Blaisín and Charlie an Irish myth when she falls asleep - how disappointing! They call on their friend, Ceann Cait (the long eared owl), in the hope that he could finish the story for them, but the long eared owl has a lot on his mind.
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Further Resources
Follow up the themes and topics in Blaisín's adventures in further reading on the web. Check out these additional resources.

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