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20 February 2015
Primary Focus - Art

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Curriculum Relevance
Current Northern Ireland Programme of Study for Art and Design (DENI, 1996)

The subjects of the Primary Curriculum are; English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, History, Geography, Music, Physical Education and Art and Design.

Cross Curricular Themes connect the subjects – Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Cultural Heritage(CH) Education for mutual Understanding (EMU), Health Education (HE).

Art and Design has one attainment target – Investigating and Realising. In the Primary Focus programmes, these are explored and extended through educational visits, with the focus on children’s direct experience.

In order to cover the Northern Ireland Curriculum, activities should;

'enrich pupils' sensory experiences, continue to develop imagination and creativity... develop aesthetic awareness and skills in observing, recording and responding to visual aspects of the natural and made environment.' (pg1)
And ;
'promote pupils' understanding and appreciation of the work of artists, designers and craftworkers.' (ibid)

Proposals for the Revised Primary Curriculum (CCEA, April 2002)

Art and Design together with Music and Physical Education form the Curricular Area – Creative, Expressive and Physical Development. It has close links to other Curricular Areas, namely, Language and Literacy, Mathematics and Numeracy, Personal Development and The World Around Us(encompassing Science and Technology, History and Geography)

In the context of the Primary Focus programmes, Art and Design contributes to the World Around Us area, enhancing children's experiences by;

'encouraging children to observe and interpret their environment, past and present; record and represent their learning visually and through sound and movement.' (pg87)

Children should be given opportunities to:
  • Find out and manage information (PLAN) - explore using their senses, ask questions and record as appropriate, find and use information, plan work and decide on how to present it.
  • Explore and Investigate (DO) – generate ideas and create individual or group responses.
  • Think about their learning (REVIEW) – think about what they have learned, considering ways to improve their work and discuss what they have done. (pg88)
Programme links to the CCEA Resource 'Visualise' (PDF 52k).
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