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20 February 2015
One Potato, Two Potato

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Spring 2005 Programmes
Theme: Colours, Rainbows and Dreams
Programme 1
Programme 2
Programme 3
Programme 4
Programme 5
Programme 6
Programme 7
Programme 8
Programme 9
Programme 10
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Question Mark? Question Mark?
Programme 1: The Rainbow Fairies SELB number: RM 0604
Broadcast Date: 11 January 2005

The first of four programmes on colour, looking among other things at dark and bright colours and colour camouflage.

Many teachers may have already chosen this popular topic for a variety of projects. These programmes are designed to complement classroom projects, or to stand on their own.

Download Notes (PDF)
Download Music (Finale)
Programme 2: Sing a Rainbow SELB number: RM 0605
Broadcast Date: 18 January 2005
The second programme about colour, introducing rainbows and some colour 'sayings'.
Download Notes (PDF)
Programme 3: The Emerald Isle SELB number: RM 0606
Broadcast Date: 25 January 2005
The third programme on the theme of colour, looking at the use of colour as a warning, more colour 'sayings' and a more scientific look at how rainbows are formed.
Download Notes (PDF)
Programme 4: Zig Zag Zebra SELB number: RM 0607
Broadcast Date: 1 February 2005
The fourth and final programme in a unit on colour, looking at patterns.
Download Notes (PDF)
Programme 5: Mrs Wilkenshaw's Giraffe SELB number: RM 0608
Broadcast Date: 8 February 2005
Two weeks ago, the story was about Joseph and his dreams, and this week we look at dreams in more detail - good ones, bad ones, funny ones, day dreams and daft ones. Why do we dream anyway? What is going
on in our heads while we sleep?
Download Notes (PDF)
Programme 6: Springtime SELB number: RM 0609
Broadcast Date: 15 February 2005
A seasonal programme, touching on the signs of Spring, migration, hibernation, baby birds and growing plants.
Download Notes (PDF)
Programme 7: Is It Full? SELB number: RM 0610
Broadcast Date: 1 March 2005
Exploring various ideas linked to the title theme, including being full up, empty, half-empty, filling things up too much and illustrating them with a wide selection of poems about tummies and over-eating, spilling things and packing.
Download Notes (PDF)
Programme 8: Joined Together SELB number: RM 0611
Broadcast Date: 8 March 2005
A whole variety of articles which are 'joined', illustrated with poetry e.g. holding hands, clothes fastenings, bridges, duck?s webbed feet, railway carriages, 'joined-up' writing.
Download Notes (PDF)
Programme 9: Communication SELB number: RM 0612
Broadcast Date: 15 March 2005
A story about a farmer at a sheep dog trial in Castlewellan, which includes a wide variety of means of communication e.g. language; letters; phones; newspapers; radio; phone text; emails - and whistles.
Download Notes (PDF)
Programme 10: Pianos SELB number: RM 0613
Broadcast Date: 22 March 2005
A programme about the piano and how its sound is produced. Exploring the concept of change over time in relation to the use of electricity in many children's games.
Download Notes (PDF)

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