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20 February 2015
One Potato, Two Potato

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Summer 2006 programmes
The topics this term include Time; Materials and Changes; Literacy; Creative Writing; Music.
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Go Question Mark?
Question Mark?    
Programme 1: The Apple Bough SELB number: RK 0171
Broadcast Date: 18 September 2007
A Tree and Apples

In the first programme of the school year the presenters, Libby and Michael, introduce themselves and the series and accustom their young listeners to respond to direct questions and to ‘answer back’ to the radio/tape.

They will be asking the children to think about where they live, what they like about it, and what sort of house they live in.

Download Notes (PDF)
Programme 2: Time
Broadcast Date: 25 September 2007
A clock

This first in a unit of programmes on the theme, beginning with how we divide our day up (meal times, school, play, bedtime etc.) The children will become more aware of the continuing rhythm of their days, and should have lots to say about the different elements.

NB Libby and Michael pose many questions and it would be an advantage to have the programme on CD and to be prepared to stop it at the appropriate places.

Download Notes (PDF)
Programme 3: More Time
Broadcast Date: 2 October 2007

The whole of our lives nowadays is organised around the clock. We are constantly being made aware of time passing.

This week's programme moves on to hours, minutes and seconds, and looks at clocks and watches.

Download Notes (PDF)

Programme 4: Growly Bear
Broadcast Date: 9 October 2007

A programme about the passing of time, in which we follow the changing fortunes of a Teddy Bear, and its adventures with different owners over fifty years.

Download Notes (PDF)
Programme 5: From Tree to Paper SELB number: RJ 0493
Broadcast Date: 16 October 2007
Pile of Paper

The first in a unit of programmes on changes and materials, exploring the connection between wood and paper.

Download Notes (PDF)
Programme 6: From Oil to Plastic SELB number: RJ 0496
Broadcast Date: 23rd October 2007
Person in raincoat

Today's programme describes in simple terms how plastic is made and Libby and Michael talk about some of the many products made from it which we use every day.

It would be useful to provide a selection of plastic articles before the programme - or identify the many to be found in the classroom.

Download Notes (PDF)

Programme 7: Letters and Words SELB number: RN 0722
Broadcast Date: 6 November 2007

The first of three programmes about words - how they are formed, how we choose them, what we can make them do. 

This first programme begins with the basic process of using letters as building blocks and putting them together to make sounds and words.  The alphabet is reinforced, and vowels are introduced.

Download Notes (PDF)

Programme 8: Choosing Words SELB number: RN 0723
Broadcast Date: 13 November 2007
The Words Hot and Cold

The second in a unit of programmes celebrating words, in which Libby and Michael will be exploring what we can do with them - how we choose them, how words can stretch the imagination, or make you feel.

Download Notes (PDF)

Programme 9: In the Light of the Moon SELB number: RL0724
Broadcast Date: 20 November 2007
A mushroom house

Featuring an atmospheric story, and encouraging the children to write creatively themselves.  What subject might they choose, how will they decide the words and how do you think of a good title?  Award-winning writer Sam McBratney has lots of suggestions.

Download Notes (PDF)

Programme 10: Musical Families SELB number: RL 0299
Broadcast Date: 27 November 2007s
A violin

A programme about the violin, and the different types of music it plays.

Download Notes (PDF)


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