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20 February 2015
One Potato, Two Potato

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Autumn 2005 Programmes
Topics: Friends and friendship, the weather, houses and housing and creative music making
Programme 1
Programme 2
Programme 3
Programme 4
Programme 5
Programme 6
Programme 7
Programme 8
Programme 9
Programme 10
Go Go
Question Mark? Question Mark?
Programme 1: Sharing SELB number: RN 0139
Broadcast Date: 20 September 2005
Image of a man carrying a sack

Friends and friendship are the theme of the broadcasts over the next three weeks and the unit starts with a programme about sharing things.

Download Notes (PDF)
Programme 2: Friends SELB number: RN 0140
Broadcast Date: 27 September 2005
Image of two friends
This programme is about friendship. What makes a good friend? Are you a good friend? And how do you feel when you fall out with a friend?
Download Notes (PDF)
Programme 3: Harvey Stoat and Friends SELB number: RN 0141
Broadcast Date: 4 October 2005
Image of three friends
This is another programme on the subject of friends and friendship. Harvey Stoat has a problem which some children may be familiar with - he is picked on by Billy Weasel who sits beside him in class. The only solution is not to go to school at all.
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Programme 4: A Rainy Day SELB number: RN 0142
Broadcast Date: 11 October 2005
Image of a rainy day
This is a weather programme focusing on rain, and including the water cycle, fog and ice illustrated by poems and songs.
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Programme 5: Rain Makers SELB number: RN 0143
Broadcast Date: 18 October 2005
Image of drums and a tambourine
Creative music making in this week’s One Potato, Two Potato when Libby and Michael will be continuing the theme of weather, by encouraging the children to make their own weather sounds while they accompany a song all about Mr McGrew.
Download Notes (PDF)
Programme 6: The Three Little Pigs SELB number: RN 0144
Broadcast Date: 25 October 2005
Image of three pigs
The programmes in the second half of this term will be loosely connected by the themes of housing. In this re-telling of the traditional story, two of the little pigs attempt to build their houses with cardboard and polystyrene - no more successful than the original straw and sticks (but easier to find in the classroom!) The programme also looks at materials and directions.
Download Notes (PDF)
Programme 7: Dens SELB number: RN 0145
Broadcast Date: 8 November 2005
Image of a house
The unit on houses and housing continues with a programme about dens. It is about the fun of making a secret place to hide under a table, under the stairs, under a rug thrown over a clothes horse. The programme revisits the themes of friends and sharing from earlier in the term and also includes a look at the dens, burrows and nests of wild creatures.
Download Notes (PDF)
Programme 8: Moving House SELB number: RN 0146
Broadcast Date: 15 November 2005
For Sale sign image
This programme explorers the practical and emotional experiences of moving house. David in today’s story moves rather further away than most - all the way to the planet Erb 35.
Download Notes (PDF)
Programme 9: Crannog SELB number: RN 0147
Broadcast Date: 22 November 2005
Image of a canoe and paddle
Continuing our theme of housing, this programme features a story about life in early times on a crannog, or ancient lake dwelling, featuring in particular the one found in Eskragh Lough, County Tyrone which existed from approximately 1200 BC. What might life have been like for our ancestors in Neolithic times?
Download Notes (PDF)
Programme 10: The Hairy Scary Castle SELB number: RN 0147
Broadcast Date: 29 November 2005
Image of a scary castle
In this week’s music programme, Libby and Michael will be exploring a ‘hairy scary castle’, and encouraging the children to listen to all the sounds they find there and to join in the song with all sorts of sounds of their own.
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