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20 February 2015
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These television programmes are designed to support the KS2 Geography curriculum. The series examines the interdependence of humans and physical environments and has an issue-based approach.
About the Programme
Programme 2 - Here and There
Friday, 18 January 2002

ARCHIVE - SELB programme code :TJ 1888

This episode is now part of our archive. This programme is still available to schools to borrow or purchase from the Audio Visual Recording service at the SELB. Please quote the SELB programme code in your correspondence. See our ordering page for more information.

This aim of the programme is to develop the geographical idea of the 'sense of place' by giving information about France and Northern Ireland and creating opportunities for development in the classroom.

Image of le Tour EiffelThis programme tells us about a successful partnership between The Cope Primary School in Loughgall, Co. Armagh and the École René Masson in Bracieux, France.

The presenter Molly Gorman, who has spent 3 years living in France, meets up with 4 children from The Cope who have all visited France as part of their school’s exchange. During the programme we see video footage shot on their school trip.

There are also lots of opportunities during the programme to pick up some French vocabulary!

We visit Paris first and hear about life in school - the children attend Monday to Saturday, but there’s no school on Wednesday. They usually don’t wear school uniform and learn to speak English from an early age. Back in The Cope we are taken on a tour of the school, ending up in the resource room where children can spend time researching countries using computers. The children here are lucky enough to learn French in P7.

Image of rivers and mountainsNow we hear some comparative facts about France and our own country. Facts (les faits) about land borders, highest peaks, mountain ranges, main rivers, capital cities and population.

Back in county Armagh, Molly and her co-presenters chat about their experiences in France, the food, the language and school dinners!

Up until January 2002 the currency of France has been the French franc but now it is the ‘euro’. France now has the same currency as 11 other countries in Europe, including the Republic of Ireland.

Finally we think about food in France. Molly visits a supermarket in France and then our presenters go to a supermarket in Northern Ireland where they are able to purchase lots of French food. In fact they buy food for breakfast (le petit déjeuner), dinner (le dîner) and for a picnic (le pic nic).

The Cope children have learnt lots about France and they finish the programme emailing their French friends.
Before the Programme

  • Find France and Northern Ireland on a globe or in an atlas. What continent are they in? Use the 8 points of the compass to describe their location.
  • Has anybody ever visited France? If so what was it like?

After the Programme

  • Complete the worksheet, sorting out the facts from the TV programme, under the country headings. (worksheet 1)
  • Image of a Euro bank note
  • Using the information from the worksheet, write a paragraph about each of the countries. Write in encyclopaedia genre. (worksheet 2)
  • Find N.I and France in an atlas. Write about their location, in relation to each other and in relation to the rest of the world. Use words of location and position. Don’t forget the 8 compass points, continents, hemisphere. Think about nearby countries and oceans.
  • Split your class into groups and give each group a topic to research about France e.g. food, sport, language etc. Each group should produce an A3 page of information which can then be made into a book or use as a wall display.
  • Make an A3 book for Northern Ireland.
  • See if you can find a website for a French primary school on the Internet. Compare it to your own school.
  • Learn some French vocabulary. The website may be of use.
  • Use travel brochures of Northern Ireland to make postcards, as you saw on the programme.

Further Resources
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Image of French breadIf you would like to twin with a school in another country, think about Comenius.

Comenius is part of the Socrates programme and focuses on the first phase of education from pre-school to primary and secondary. The purpose of Comenius is to enhance the quality and reinforce the European dimension of school education particularly by transnational co-operation between schools.

Ref : and contact your local Education and Library Board for application forms and information.
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