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20 February 2015
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The programmes all feature specific locations in Northern Ireland and they also provide scope for work on a variety of themes e.g. the environment, where people live, what people do. The aim is to provide material which is relevant to pupils' experiences and which is illustrative of life in Northern Ireland.
About the Programme
Programme 1 - Friendship
Friday 19 January 2001

ARCHIVE - SELB programme code :TI 1170

This episode is now part of our archive. This programme is still available to schools to borrow or purchase from the Audio Visual Recording service at the SELB. Please quote the SELB programme code in your correspondence. See our ordering page for more information.

In this programme a group of children from Comber in Co. Down talk to Christine Bleakley about friendship. The programme also features a story about two cousins who don’t always see eye to eye.
Key Issues
This programme aims to explore friendship and to consider:
  • what makes someone a friend.
  • what we expect from our friends.
  • why we have the friends we have.
  • what kinds of things we can do together with friends.
  • how friends can be the same as us or different to us.
  • how we feel when we fall out with a friend.
  • what might make someone an enemy.

Before the Programme

  • Discuss the meaning of the following keywords:
    Friends, Enemies, Trust, Understanding, Acceptance, Friendship, Personality, Forgiveness, Betrayal.

After the Programme

  • Complete the activities and games in Worksheet 1.
  • Follow up on the topics using 'More to Explore' in Worksheet 1.

Further Resources
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An American site run by the Nemours Foundation. Covers all aspects of children's health and related matters in simple language. Also deals with issues like friendship and bullying.

A site for teenagers, set up by a schoolboy from Essex, Oli Watts, who won the Young Achiever category of the Internet Business 2000 Awards held in Brighton. The site has features on friendship, health, bullying, etc.

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The worksheets for this resource are in PDF format. Click on the links below to view the worksheets:
  • Worksheet 1 - Preview, Activities, Games and 'More to Explore'
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