20 February 2015
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Programme 8: Likes and dislikes

Saturday/Sunday - 24/25 May 2008 6.30 am BBC2 NI

The younger Dódaí are playing chasing, but the twins fall over and hurt themselves.

Nóra helps them forget about their troubles by getting them all to help her clean up the house. They don't want to, since they think that cleaning up is not as much fun as playing, but using a magical song, Nóra shows them how much fun it can be.

After all this hard work, they have a rest, and Nóra asks them to think about the things they like to do.

Diffferent people like different things and we are reminded that Nóra likes to read, that the twins love to sing and dance and we learn that Naoise loves spiders.

The bubble machine shows us different children telling us about the things they like and don't like.

Afterwards, Ruairí decides to play with a jigsaw puzzle, like one of the children we have just seen. Naoise tries to help but gets things wrong and they argue. Nóra intervenes, peace is restored and Naoise and Ruairí hug.

Nóra then tells them a story about Lughaidh, the little duck who didn't like the rain.

After the story, Nóra pretends to be Banbha, the sad princess who has no friends and the others dance and sing to cheer her up. Then it is time for them to say goodbye to their friends.

Suggested activities for parents

  • As Nóra does with her brothers and sisters, why not make a game out of tidying up - sing the song with your child as you put toys and books away together.
  • If there are ducks or swans near where you live why not visit them and feed them some stale bread - see if you can find Lughaidh and his mother!
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Is maith liom / I like

Is maith liom bheith ag léamh / I like reading

Ní maith liom / I don¹t like

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