20 February 2015
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Programme 7: Playtime

Saturday/Sunday - 17/18 May 2008 6.30 am BBC2 NI

Na Dódaí are cold, so using a special song and dance, Nóra shows them how to 'warm up' to music.

Then Naoise finds a Dódaí penny and they all go 'shopping' in their own little shop where Ruairí is the shopkeeper. Róise buys a doll, Nóra a book and Naoise finds his favourite toy 'Liam the superhero'.

Via the magic bubble machine, they see children at play in nursery school, both in the playground and the classroom.

Then Na Dódaí find the dressing up box and become a pirate, a fairy, a doctor - Naoise and teddy dress up as super heroes and Nóra tells them a story about Liam the superhero when he was a little boy.

Then they sing and dance together, and make up individual poems about animals before it is time to say goodbye to their friends at home.

Suggested activities for parents

  • Make your own Dódaí pennies - cover chocolate buttons or cardboard circles with tin foil and use them to play shopping and counting games with your child.
  • Start your own dressing up box using old clothes, shoes, hats and interesting bits of material.
  • Give ears and eyes to an old sweeping brush and make a hobby horse like Naoise's.
Na Dodai Banner Image

Damhsa / Dancing

Bheith ag canadh / Singing

Siopa / Shop

Siopadóir / Shop Keeper

bréagán / Toy

Le do thoil / Please

Go raibh maith agat / Thank you

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