20 February 2015
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Programme 6: School

Saturday/Sunday - 10/11 May 2008 6.30 am BBC2 NI

Although na Dódaí do not go to school - they like to pretend, and in this programme they play at going to their own nursery school where Nóra is in charge.

Nóra asks them about the weather, and the others use shapes and sounds to discuss what the weather is like.

Then the magic bubble machine takes us to a nursery school where we see children preparing healthy snacks and drinks for breaktime.

Na Dódaí are hungry, and take out their lunch boxes. Ruairí is sad because he has forgotten his, but Naoise is happy to share with his big brother. Then Nóra tells them a story about baby bear on his first day at nursery school
After this, Na Dódaí 'drive' home on their school bus, singing as they go. Nóra and Róise make a picture with felt shapes before it is time for them all to say goodbye to their friends.

Suggested activities for parents

  • Play 'I spy' with your child as you travel to and from school.
  • Make your fridge a 'weather board' - draw pictures which indicate sun, wind, rain etc, glue them to fridge magnets and ask your child to place the appropriate one on the fridge each morning, as they describe the day's weather.
  • Have fun making smoothies with your child, and learning the names of different fruits and ingredients as you work together.
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Scoil / School

Tá sé te / It is hot

Tá sé te fuar / It is cold

Tá sé fluigh / It is wet

Múinteoir / Teacher

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