20 February 2015
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Programme 5: Good Morning!

Saturday/Sunday - 3/4 May 2008 6.30 am BBC2 NI

Nóra picks flowers in the garden before she says 'good morning' to the sun, and wakes up her brothers and sisters.

They all say 'good morning' to the sun, before singing their breakfast song and getting their breakfast ready.

After brushing their teeth and changing out of their pyjamas, the magic bubble machine shows them how Eoghan and his brother Lochlainn brush their teeth.

Then Nóra reads them a story about a boy who gets up early every day to say 'good morning' to the sun.

After storytime, the twins want to go outside to greet the sun, but Naoise can't come - his shoe laces are untied, and they have to help their little brother get ready. Then they all put on their hats before going out to the garden to say good morning to the sun.

Suggested activities for parents.

  • Plant some sunflower seeds with your child, and when they grow, watch how the flowers follow the sun.
  • In your garden or the nearest park, see how many different coloured flowers you can find, then at home make a picture using scraps of  coloured paper or fabric to make your own flowers.
  • Purée some strawberries to make pink Dódaí milk to pour over breakfast cereal.
Na Dodai Banner Image

Maidin mhaith / good morning

Bricfeasta / Breakfast

Bainne / Milk

Arán / Bread

Oitseámaí / Pyjamas

Scuab fiacla / Toothbrush

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