20 February 2015
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Programme 4: Our House

Saturday/Sunday - 26/27 April 2008 6.30 am BBC2 NI

Naoise has lost his teddy, and his brother and sisters help him to look all over the house until they find him.

Then it is time for the bubble machine, and we meet Séibhín's brothers and sisters before she takes us on a tour of her house.

Afterwards, Nóra has a surprise for them - she shows them a dolls' house, and they examine the different rooms in the little house.

Then Nóra tells them a story about a little cat who finds out about different sorts of houses. Afterwards, they all enjoy drinks and snacks, but Naoise, pretending to be a pussy cat, drinks his milk out of a bowl and spills it all over himself.

It is time for Dódaí washing, and the others dance and sing as they help to clean Naoise's clothes.

Then it is time for 'Na Dódaí' to say goodbye to their friends.

Suggested activities for parents

  • Play hide and seek at home with your child, shouting out questions as you look for him/her, just as 'Na Dódaí' do when they look for teddy - Where are you? Are you in the kitchen/sittingroom/bathroom? etc
  • Save different sized cardboard boxes, which you can paint and stack as the different rooms of a dolls' house. Different family members can be made from clothes pegs, or drawn, cut out and stuck on the walls in the appropriate rooms.
  • Use household waste such as egg and milk cartons to make tiny furniture.
  • If you have a garden, why not feed the birds with your child when the weather is cold - see if you can find a robin, like the one in the story.
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