29 October 2014
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Programme 3: My family

Saturday/Sunday - 19/20 April 2008 6.30 am BBC2 NI

After they say 'hello', Nóra uses a song and dance - on a theme of sisters and brothers to help Naoise remember which is which.

Then Ruairí pretends to be Grandad, and the others have to guess who he is. They all play with a puppet family that Nóra finds in their toy box.

Via the magic bubble machine we meet Lara who introduces her family, Mammy, Daddy and her two little sisters.

Then Na Dódaí act out the story of the three Bears before Nóra reads a funny story about what happened when Granny and Grandad bear came on a visit.

After the story, Naoise wants to visit Granny and Grandad bear and they 'drive' to their house in their invisible car, playing 'I spy' and singing funny songs about their relatives as they go.
Then it is time for 'Na Dodaí' to say goodbye to their friends.

Suggested activities for parents

  • Make a family tree - on a simple drawing of a tree, help your child to stick on photos of immediate family members, naming them and talking about them as you play together.
  • If you have access to a camcorder, make your own 'family movie' based on Lara's introduction of her family.
  • Using cushions, or kitchen chairs, 'make' a car or bus, and go on your own journey to visit someone in your family.
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Mo dheartháir / My brother

Mo dheirfiúr / My sister

Mo mháthair / My mother

M'athair / My father

Mo sheanathair / My grandfather

Mo sheanmháthair / My grandmother

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