20 February 2015
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    Programme 10: A New Pet

    Saturday/Sunday - 7/8 June 2008 6.30 am BBC2 NI

    Nóra has a surprise for the twins - a new pet. Naoise knows what it is, but the others have to guess. They sing a guessing song before they meet their two new rabbits, Cathal and Coco.

    The magic bubble machine shows us how other children take care of their pets, giving them water to drink and the right food to eat.

    After this, Nóra tells them a story about Ciarán and his dog Rua, and they learn how important it is to take proper care of their pets.

    Then they get food and water for the rabbits. Naoise tries to help, but learns that they don't eat ice cream or yoghurt, and that they like fruit and vegetables.

    The twins tell him that even though they have new friends, Naoise is still number one. But Naoise is sad - he has no pet of his own.

    Nóra has one more surprise - a special pet for Naoise, a caterpillar.

    They do their butterfly dance before they say goodbye to their friends.

    Suggested activities for parents

    • Using an old sock, stitch down two 'ears' and glue on fabric pieces for eyes, whiskers etc - make one each for Cathal and Coco.
    • Using the segments of an egg box painted green, make a caterpillar.

Na Dodai Banner Image

Coinín / Rabbit

madadh / Dog

Bolb / Caterpillar

Féileacán / Butterfly

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