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20 April 2014
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Expected Learning Outcomes
Through listening carefully to the broadcasts and engaging in the suggested follow-up activities, children's understanding and skills will be developed across the three inter-related areas of composing, performing and listening.
Most children will understand:
  • the need to listen carefully.
  • that feelings can be expressed through musical sounds and that music can affect the way we feel.
  • that sound can be represented visually.
  • that performing is telling a story through music and that they can imagine their own story while listening to the music.
  • the effects created by loud/quiet, fast/slow, high/low.
  • that the choice of instruments is important in creating effects and atmosphere.
  • ways of making a performance more effective.
Most children will be able to:
  • sing songs tunefully and play simple accompaniments.
  • control volume when singing or playing instruments.
  • create and perform short rhymthic patterns.
  • perform short melodic patterns on tuned instruments.
  • draw pictures and patterns to represent their sounds.
  • select and use appropriate instrument to create the effect they desire.
  • identify the sounds of common instruments.

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