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20 February 2015
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About the site

Musical Mysteries is a lively interactive site allowing pupils to have fun, while exploring basic musical concepts in sound, rhythm and mood. The site provides opportunities too for pupils to investigate a range of orchestral instruments. The primary aims of the site are to develop pupils' sensitivity to sound and to stimulate an interest in music.

Learning Outcomes

Through taking part in the activities children's understanding and skills will be developed in a number of ways, they will:
  • be encouraged to listen carefully to a range of sounds;
  • develop thinking skills;
  • explore how sound can be represented visually;
  • be provided with opportunities to create short rhythmic patterns;
  • develop their own creative skills;
  • begin to understand how the elements of music are used to describe things and how music can help express feelings and create different atmospheres;
  • help pupils to identify sounds of common instruments;
  • distinguish between sounds that have a "steady beat" and sounds that don't;
  • recognise rhythmic sounds;
  • begin to understand that the choice of instruments is important in creating different effects and atmospheres;
  • gain an appreciation of the effects created by repetition, contrast and surprise.

Relevance to the Northern Ireland Curriculum

The site reinforces the Music Curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2. There are also cross curricular links with English and Science.

Useful Web Links

Council for the Curriculum Examinations and Assessment (CEA)
Provides guidance materials to help teachers and parents with a range of issues related to the Northern Ireland Curriculum.

National Curriculum Online
The government's definitive curriculum site for teachers and parents.

National Grid for Learning (NGFL)
The NGfL provides a network of selected links to websites that offers a range of content suitable for teachers and parents.

All sites listed are checked regularly. However, the constantly changing nature of the Internet means some sites may alter after we have visited them. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites.

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