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20 February 2015
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Key Stage 1 - Geography
Programme Overview
A series of five television programmes - each of fifteen minutes duration - for Key Stage 1 pupils. Filmed entirely in Northern Ireland, the programmes will give pupils opportunities to learn about some of the jobs that people do and some of the goods and services that people need.

Image of a what An-10-Eye looks likeOn a trip out from the planet Golivia, Screen and An-10-Eye crash-land somewhere in Northern Ireland. While they wait for the AA (Astral Automatic) to fix their spaceship, they decide to explore. An-10-Eye loves to hear people talking about what they do.

Never shy, although sometimes a bit too quick, his favourite meal is rusty nails and diesel oil sauce. An-10-Eye's talking data bank, Screen is the clever one. It can usually be relied upon to find the answers, but An-10-Eye never misses a chance to catch it out.
<< An 10-Eye
Transmission Schedule

Although this series has finished, you can still search for programme information, teacher notes and worksheets in the site. Programmes are still available to borrow or purchase from the Audio Visual Recording service at SELB. Just quote the SELB number that can be found below or on the programme page in your correspondence with the unit. .

Different types of housing and what makes a house a home.
SEELB code: TK0446
We follow the journey of a letter and look at the growth in electronic mail.
SEELB code: TK0528
The journey of a potato from farm to factory and its transformation into a crisp.
SEELB code: TK0612
Looking after pets, from the ordinary to the exotic .
SEELB code: TK0673
How rubbish builds up and how it is disposed of.
SEELB code: TK0706
I Do This theme song
In your home there's lots to do
Playing games and working too
But there are friends who can help you
Look at I DO THIS!

Vets with pets and postmen too
Farmers and the bin man crew
All our friends who can help you
Look at I DO THIS!
Image of a flying saucer
  Aims of the Series
By setting each programme in a different area of Northern Ireland, the series aims to develop pupils' knowledge and understanding of places and processes and some of the people involved in them.

With quirky, animated characters presenting each programme, I Do This will provide immediate stimuli to interest and engage the pupils. Contributions from vets and postmen will give teachers meaningful resources, while songs, which repeat images and reinforce ideas, will act as a catalyst to encourage class participation in the specially written story lines.
  Relevance to Northern Ireland Curriculum
I Do This will support the Programme of Study for the World Around Us at Key Stage 1. The series has been filmed in key geographical areas including Belfast, The Mournes, The Sperrins, County Antrim and County Armagh.

Particular emphasis is given to the cross-curricular themes of Literacy and Numeracy. Each programme includes a Key Word list which is repeated as a summary.
  Programme Structure
The five programmes will build into a comprehensive library. However each is completely self-contained. They have a simple structure which divides naturally into three sections linked by two songs. They are particularly suited to short periods of study over a number of weeks.
  Before and After the Programme
Each programme will offer material for discussion. Some suggestions for further follow-up work are given in the Teacher's Notes. These include: story-telling, singing the songs, art or craft work, topic or project work, literacy and numeracy work.

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