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20 February 2015
BBC NI Schools: Hurley-Burley

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Hurley-Burley 3 / BBC Radio Ulster MW 1341MHz / Tuesday: 11.40 - 11.51 am

Ten radio programmes for P1, Reception, Nursery, Playgroups, Creches, Day care and children listening at home. Through a mixture of local stories, songs, poems and rhymes, and using familiar speech and language, early skills and concepts for future use in literacy and numeracy are introduced.

Although this series has finished, you can still search for programme information, teacher notes and worksheets in the site. Programmes are still available to borrow or purchase from the Audio Visual Recording service at SELB. Just quote the SELB number that can be found below in your correspondence with the unit.

Remember to visit the Hurley Burley TV site where you can watch stories and songs from the popular TV series.

Programme Title & Content Broadcast Date View Teacher's Resources (PDF) View Music (MUS)

1. Rabbits
The Hurley-Burley Man introduces himself and his van and encourages the listeners to respond and to join in, then follows a story and songs all about rabbits.

SELB code: RK 0071

Prog 1 Teacher's Notes (249K)

Little Peter Rabbit

Five Little Bunnies

2.   Eggy Babies
Eggs - for eating, and also as protection for the growing babies of a variety of species, not only birds but bees, fish, turtles and crocodiles as well.

SELB code: RK 0072

Prog 2 Teacher's Notes (146K)

Eggy Babies

3.   Feeling Poorly
A topic which most children have experience of - what it is like when you don't feel too well.

SELB code: RK 0073

Prog 3 Teacher's Notes (157K)

Rub Rub Rub

Miss Polly

4.   Friends
Friends, friendship and "falling-out".

SELB code: RK 0074

Prog 4 Teacher's Notes (112K)

You Sing a Song and I'll Sing a Song

5.   Mummy's Birthday Present
A little boy tries to think of a birthday present to give his Mum, and in the process learns about caterpillars and butterflies.

SELB code: RK 0075

Prog 5 Teacher's Notes (133K)

I Went to Cabbages

6.   Toys
Favourite toys and games, talking about where toys are kept, what happens if you lose a toy, and identifying some toys by the sound they make.

SELB code: RK 0076

Prog 6 Teacher's Notes (138K)

Playing with Toys

7.   Bedtime
Going to bed routines, and what the children need for a cosy night's sleep.

SELB code: RK 0077

Prog 7 Teacher's Notes (143K)

Put Your Head Upon Your Pillow

8.   Counting
Some counting practise - up to five.

SELB code: RK 0078

Prog 8 Teacher's Notes (128K)

One Little Pancake

9.   Days of the Week
Reinforcement of the order of the days of the week, and what we might do each day.

SELB code: RK 0079

Prog 9 Teacher's Notes (160K)

My Busy Week

10. Bronagh's Marching Band
A musical programme, emphasising high, low, soft and loud, and making your own instruments to play.

SELB code: RK 0080

Prog 10 Teacher's Notes (166K)

Sing Hi, Sing Low

All Programmes
Download all Hurley Burley 3 resources in one file (large file size).

All Hurley-Burley 3 Notes(1058k)

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