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Arts, Dance, Government & Educational

Radacadabra - Discover the world of professional dance on this magical and fully interactive website from the Royal Academy of Dance.

Artsekta – Cultural Bonding through the Arts

The Crescent Arts Centre – Dance classes for children

BBC Blast – Dance and Drama           

BBC – Step it Out

Department of Education, Northern Ireland

Nations Cyber School Bus

Equality Commission for Northern Ireland

British Council

BBC - Language websites

BBC Languages homepage 

Learn Portuguese - learn the basics and a little more about speaking Portuguese.

Learn Chinese - learn the basics and a little more about speaking Chinese.

Quick Fix - handy site if you just want to familiarise yourself with language basics before you go on holiday.


China - Country Profile

Baby Panda - A baby panda is born on the same day as the opening of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.  - from BBC News

Chinese Food Made Easy

China Stories


Portugal - Country Profile

Portugal’s Official Tourist Website

Portugal’s Official Government Website


India - Country Profile

Indian Food Made Easy

Holi Festival - a very colourful website with everything you need to know about The Festival of Holi.

Bollywood - BBC Asian Network, Bollywood Website.

Official Portal of India – Kids Corner


Jamaica -  Country Profile

Multi-Culutral Groups in N.Ireland

Multi-Cultural Resource Centre -

African & Caribbean Association of Foyle -

Indian Community Center, Belfast -

Chinese Welfare Association NI -

NICEM (Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities) - 


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