The Culture Club


Programme 1: The Culture Club – Holi Festival

The Culture Clubbers have accepted a mission to discover more about the costumes, food, music and dance of the Holi Festival. Then it’s back to The Clubhouse to learn a new song and dance routine before inviting friends round to join in a celebration of this colourful Indian festival. Join in the dance and sing out loud with the Culture-oke!

Programme 2: The Culture Club – Chinese New Year

The Culture Clubbers prepare for a big party at the Clubhouse. This week they’re inviting friends to join in a song and dance routine which celebrates Chinese New Year. Dance Coach Ande is on hand to teach everyone new and energetic moves.

Programme 3: The Culture Club – Festival of St Anthony

The Festival of St Anthony is a colourful celebration for the Portuguese community living in Northern Ireland. Join The Culture Clubbers as they discover more about the dancing, music, food and costumes which make this occasion special. Grab a space and join in our new dance routine. Once the dancing is under control it’s time to exercise the vocal chords with the Culture-oke!

Programme 4: The Culture Club – Jamaican Carnival

The Culture Clubbers investigate the beats, moves, costumes and recipes which bring the Jamaican Carnival to life. Jerk Chicken is on the party menu – just as well because this lively dance is going to take lots of energy! Join Ande and the other party people, who are full of beans, as they perform a routine which brings all the sun and fun of the Caribbean to the clubhouse.


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