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20 February 2015

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Growing Up
The Name
In Love and War
The Great Challenge
The Hero's Death

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Cu Chulainn   Autumn 2001, TV

Information:Key stage 1/2
Age 7-11 Years


Fridays 12.25-12.30pm
14th Sept - 12th Oct

Image of Cu Chulainn

Cú Chulainn, one of Ulster's most famous legendary characters, is the hero of this five part cartoon series. In five action filled five-minute programmes we follow his daring deeds from his boyhood to his tragic death.
Upper Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils can learn about his adventures in Ulster and in Scotland in these short but informative cartoon programmes.


  1. Growing Up
  2. The Name
  3. In Love and War
  4. The Great Challenge
  5. The Hero's Death

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The series is relevant to the Northern Ireland Programmes of Study for History and English:

"Pupils should have opportunities to develop communication skills by re-telling stories about the past; for example, pupils should retell the main points of a legend, folktale or story in their own words, such as the legend of Finn McCool or Cú Chulainn."

Work in Geography, Art, Music, ICT and Cultural Heritage can also be incorporated with classes after the programmes.
Courage, loyalty, jealousy, greed, compassion, love and war .... all the big themes and more are here in ..... Cú Chulainn.

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