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16 October 2014

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Northern Ireland

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A Day in the Life
Bus outside Percy Mdala School

Oudtshoorn School Trip

The school organised a school trip for the students. On this occasion no learning was required. All that was needed was to have a good time.

We met the bus at 7.30am at the school and we loaded up with ingredients for a Braai later on that day. Braai is barbeque in South Africa .



We travelled up to George and then went through Oudtshoorn and over the mountains and reached the area known as the Little Karoo.

The first part of the trip was to an animal sanctuary. We had a guide who took us around and told us all about the animals and birds that were kept there.

At one point she fed one of the crocodiles with a great lump of red meat but you can see that they are resting in this picture.



This is a Pygmy Hippopotamus. There are two in the pool but at the moment they are split up as the female is pregnant. She has already had a baby and we saw him later on in a separate enclosure. They are much smaller than a normal Hippopotamus.

Playful Tigers

Big Cats

There were lots of big cats at the sanctuary. We saw a Cheetah, Leopards, two White Lion cubs and some Lions. This is a picture of the White Tiger cubs. We were told that, when they are fully grown, their paw prints are as big as dinner plates.

Girl on the back of an ostrichOstrich Farm

Next we went to an Ostrich farm. Early last century great fortunes were made from Ostrich feathers and many of the big manor houses in Oudtshoorn were built from Ostrich feather profits.

Now the Ostriches are bred for their meat, their leather, and of course their feathers. Four of the students were allowed to ride the Ostriches.

skipping outside busCango Caves

Next we travelled to the Cango Caves . These are very famous in the region and were discovered last century by a black farm hand. While we waited for our guided tour we had something to eat and played skipping games in the car park. This is one of the teachers taking a turn.

cave formationsIt is hard to take a photograph that does justice to the sheer scale and magnificence of the caves. Some of the rooms are like cathedrals and there is one formation that is known as the Organ. We took the 1 hour tour but you can take a much longer one but that entails you crawling through very small gaps in the rocks. Not for the faint hearted.

school group in cavesAt one point the guide turned off all the lights so that we could appreciated the darkness of the caves. When they were being explored a man was lowered down in to one of the chambers by a rope. All he had to see by was a candle. In the corner of the chamber there was one small light left on of the same strength as a candle. It was like a pin prick of light and we wondered how he ever saw anything.

Teachers cookingBraai

After the caves we went to a park where there was a swimming pool, crazy golf and places to start up a Braai. The teachers did the cooking while the students went swimming. We had barbequed mutton and sausages, with salad, rolls and beans. The baked beans were mixed with mayonnaise, black pepper and chopped up tinned pilchards! We left at 7pm and went back to Knysna over the mountain pass. It was dark by now and there was a thick mountain fog.

Percy Mdala School

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