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KS3 Geography
Sustainable Development
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Tourism Notes

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The aims of this section are that students will:

  • have an appreciation of the impact that tourism can have on a variety of areas
  • understand the importance of tourism for Northern Ireland
  • realise that tourism has to be developed in a sustainable manner both within Northern Ireland and beyond.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this section the students will be able to:

  • Identify the various factors that have lead to the growth of tourism worldwide.
  • Recognise that tourism can bring advantages as well as major problems to an area.
  • Appreciate that tourists to NI come from a wide range of places, and that these tourists bring significant economic benefits to the region.
  • Appreciate that Northern Ireland has a wide range and variety of tourist attractions.
  • Identify various tourist attractions in Fermanagh
  • Recognise that climate influences the type of tourism found within a region.
  • Recognise that Fermanagh offers a wide range of tourist activities.
  • Realise the significance of the Marble Arch Caves as a tourist attraction within Fermanagh.
  • Understand how caves in a limestone region are formed - using the Marble Arch Caves as an example.
  • Recognise that other activities may have a detrimental impact on tourism.
  • Appreciate that informed decisions regarding the sustainable nature of the Marble Arch Caves as a tourist destination have to be made.

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