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Sustainable Development
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Thanks are due to the following individuals and organisations for their permission to reproduce: photographs, information, video and audio clips for this web site.


Laganside Corporation:
Laganside Apartments
Laganside Apartments
River Lagan
Laganside Apartment
Sirocco Works

Cathedral Area
Laganside Walkways

Ulster Folk & Transport Museum:
Shipyard Men Walking Home
(Harland & Wolff Photographic Collection National Museum & Galleries of Northern Ireland H1555)

Ulster Museum :
Women Working In Mill
Trades Arch, Royal Visit
Raphael Street
Hercules Street
Castle Place


Anne Harty - Laganside Corporation
Bob Strang - Laganside Resident
Winnie Strang - Laganside Resident
Seamus Flynn - Community Development


Doug Garrett - Laganside Corporation
Ciara McGrattan - Laganside Corporation
Ann Hall - Laganside Corporation

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